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Despite the very apparent modernity, which affects our tastes in furnishings and decor, we are still greatly indebted to the past for the insight and concepts which have paved the choices in artistic motifs that we flaunt today. While a lot of us may assume that every trickle of the past is no longer here in our present, we ought to glance again at the undeniable timelessness of some items from the past which still exist to this day. With regards to furnishings, one of the most classical yet still enduring pieces is the highly ornate and wonderfully crafted sleigh leather bed.

Sleigh leather beds were developed during the early to mid-19th century as a movement closely associated with Neoclassicism. The Empire style of construction and aesthetics drew heavily on Greek and Roman influences, with motifs closely resembling Doric and Corinthian styles, with its penchant for curlicues and elegant and generous curves.


Buildings and even furniture were constructed with the Empire style in mind, with the most popular examples of Empire style furniture being the sleigh bed. They are notable for their generous use of scrollwork and curves usually associated with classical architecture and its overall sleigh-like appearance due to the curving headboard and footboard. Originally made from rich hardwoods that were often imported from exotic lands, sleigh beds are seen as furniture fit only for the most affluent.

That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t enjoy a sleigh leather bed for your bedroom. It’s easy to have custom-made, especially now that there are thousands of tutorials on the internet. Moreover, you can gather ideas for your own customized sleigh leather bed through pictures of classic sleigh beds that litter the Internet.


While the popularity of hardwood furniture has waned over the past few years due to the growing decline of craftsmen and the lessening number of hardwood forests, the concept still remains strong in its newest incarnation – the sleigh leather beds. Just like its original, sleigh leather beds are well-noted for their appearance which closely resembles that of a sled. Generally lighter than the wooden ones though, these beds nevertheless retain the same classiness of the original design and are often just as expensive.


Sleigh leather beds are extremely popular in five-star hotels and other luxury accommodations due to its classical, elegant, and extremely appealing look. Because they tend to be a size larger than the regular leather bed, sleigh leather beds are often sold simply as bed frames with a cushion top. Despite this, the sight of one still evokes ideas of regal comfort reserved only for the wealthy. To this day, sleigh leather beds still retain their image of being luxury furniture reserved for the most impeccable.


Obviously, you can amp the appeal factor of your sleigh leather bed by choosing the right bed linens to adorn it. Of course, your choice of bed linens – the style, design, and color – would depend on the color scheme you’ll choose for your bed. Still, for ideas on some of the top attributes of linens and comforters, you can hop over to here. That site has reviews and just about all the information you’ll need to make wise decisions when purchasing comforters for your sleigh bed.

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