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Your dog, or dogs, can be your healer when it comes to stress and some other illnesses since the unconditional love they give you makes you recover faster than normal. For you to show them that you appreciate and love their company, you would need to take care of their health, too. Here are some things you can do aside from just taking your dog to the vet.


Nutritious Food


Dogs can acquire various disorders because of the food they are given. Giving them leftovers and randomly chosen food is the same as stuffing yourself with junk food. When you feed your dog, keep in mind that you are giving food to someone who is part of the family. Choose the best-quality foods you can afford and always check the packaging for the nutrients included in the food. Do not ignore the instructions regarding the amount of food you give them as this would affect their growth and development as well. Do not overfeed your dog, though. Some breeds of dogs are prone to obesity and heart problems; thus, you have to carefully choose and measure what you give them. Clean and fresh water is also important. So, give your dog free access to a water supply or fill up its bowl constantly.




Just like humans, dogs need regular exercise, too. Together with the proper diet and nutrition, your dog would live a healthier and longer life when you let it have ample exercise daily. You can take your dog for walks around the neighborhood or at the park every day. Not only would it be beneficial for your dog’s health, it would also be a good work out for you. If there are times that you cannot find time to walk your dog because of your busy work schedule, make sure to provide it some freedom to run around your backyard when it wants to. Build a dog-proof fence around your yard so it won’t go too far away and bother the neighbors or even run to the streets.


Clean Shelter


One of the basics of keeping your dog healthy is the cleanliness and hygiene of the place where it’s staying. If your dog stays outside the house, be sure to provide it with a dog house where it can stay comfortable and warm regardless of the weather. Choose a cozy bed for it for sleep on and some pet-friendly toys for it to play with (these are some of the best dog beds you can choose from). Do not delay cleaning the dog house and its surroundings as pests and worms can be acquired from the dirty living environment.




Dogs are known to be loyal to their owners. Also, they give out the purest and most unconditional love you could ever have. In return, you should also treat them with respect and show as much love and compassion as they give you. Your dog’s health can be affected by how much attention and time you give it.

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