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You can never do away with an iron, not even if most of your clothes are made of wrinkle-proof fabrics. To this day, an iron remains an integral household appliance. However, in one with the passing of time, more people are now using steam irons, since apparently; these are more effective in removing creases on clothes and other heavy fabrics (quilts, bed sheets, comforters, etc.). Still, the fact remains that steam irons are a tad difficult to keep clean. That is especially true since steam irons have built-in water repositories, which could accumulate dirt over time.

Using tap water for your steam iron could lead to mineralization, and in time, you’d have a hard time producing the right amount of steam needed to iron clothes. Aside from that, starch and other deposits could clog the steam pores of the iron; thus, the sole plate would be rendered useless since you won’t be able to glide it effortlessly on the fabric. All these underscore the need to keep your steam iron clean.

You can visit Smooth Wares, which is a wonderful resource for anything about steam irons. They have reviews of some of the best steam iron brands, as well as helpful articles about steam irons. You can read one of the articles to see how you can properly take care of your steam iron, but just the same, here are a few helpful cleaning tips you can keep in mind.

  1. Use several house items to clean your steam iron – an old towel, salt, some wax paper, old newspaper, a cookie stand, an old toothbrush, and some white wine vinegar.
  1. Clean the mineral or various build-ups from the inside of the iron out. Doing this would let the deposits out of the steam pores, thereby making the underside of the iron dirty. Hence, you need to save the clean-up of the underside for last.
  1. Start cleaning the iron by positioning the towel over any surface that’s heat-proof. Place the cookie stand on top of it. Fill the iron’s water tank with vinegar before placing it on the stand, with the bottom part facing down.
  1. Set the temperature of the iron to high, allowing time for the vinegar to evaporate.
  1. Once all the vinegar’s evaporated, fill the reservoir with tap water, allowing it evaporate just like the vinegar. This would rid the inside of the water tank of the vinegar and mineral deposits.
  1. Allow the iron to cool before turning it upside down. You’ll see the bottom part now marred by the mineral deposits you flushed out. Using the old toothbrush, brush away all traces of the minerals, even going so far as to brush through the steam pores.
  1. Next, remove the cookie stand from the towel and replace with several sheets of newspaper. Sprinkle 1/4 cup of salt onto the newspaper. Rub the underside of the iron over the salt until all mineral residues are gone. Make sure the iron has cooled off before doing this. Wipe the bottom of the iron with a clean wash cloth afterward. Discard of the newspaper and salt.
  1. Plug in the steam iron to heat it up. Cut about 18 inches of wax paper and place it on the towel. When the iron is warm enough, glide it over the wax paper a few times to give the metal plate a smooth finish.

Try these simple tips to keep your steam iron clean and functioning well all the time.


Autumn has come. It means that each passing days will be much colder than the rest until the winter ends. In this time of the year, most people love to warm themselves with thick clothing, drink hot soups and soak in a warm shower. However, do you know that taking a cold shower offers benefits to your body?


Helps to Increase Alertness


There are occasions when you feel tired and just want to go back to sleep even after waking up. The best cure for your laziness, especially in the morning is to pour down cold water in your body. You might find this horrifying considering the chilly autumn breeze. However, it works well in increasing your body’s alertness. When you take a cold shower, your body immediately tries to adjust the sudden change of temperature. Hence, your body will increase its oxygen intake to produce warmth. In addition, your heartbeat will speed up causing your blood to rush in different parts of the body. With this, you can have the energy you need to face the day despite the cold. Loses Weight Do you want a fast and easy method of losing weight?


Taking cold showers can help you to reduce fat.


The body has two kinds of fat tissues; the white and brown fats. White fat tissues accumulate if you consume calories more than your body requires. Thus, if not used, white fats only builds up especially around your waist, back, neck, arms, and thighs. By taking cold showers, your body will force itself to warm through the heat generated by the brown fat tissues. According to studies, if the brown fat is activated and exposed to cold such as showering with cold water, the number of white fat tissues in your body will reduce leading to weight loss.


Improves Blood Circulation


Cold shower enhances proper blood circulation to help the vital organs perform its function better. The cold temperature will drive the heart to pump more blood to produce heat. As it pumps faster, it makes blood circulation easier. Moreover, this process can also improve your immune system which means showering with cold water supports in protecting yourself from diseases.


Eases Soreness, Stress, and Depression


Muscles get tense every after too much physical exertion. If not treated, it can lead to cramps and will affect your work. It is one of the reasons why athletes only take cold showers or ice baths every after games. Cold water can help to ease the tension of bunched up muscles and releases soreness. On the other hand, cold showers can deflect stress and depression. If you pour cold water in your body, the low temperature will overwhelm your skin’s cold receptors. This will send a message to the brain through electrical impulses. As a response, the brain is going to produce an anti-depressive effect which essential in enhancing mood and concentration.


Gain more benefits with a cold shower by using shower systems with high volume and water pressure. Get the best shower system for a better health here at https://walkinshowers.org/best-shower-systems-buying-guide.html.

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