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Running is a great all-around exercise. It keeps you fit and boosts your health. Running is also a good way to de-stress from the pressures of everyday life. For some, running is a sport that they need to train for. Joining running competitions or races has its own benefits. However, training could be demanding. There are different techniques you need to learn and the everyday workout is not a joke. If you are trying to look for ways to be a better runner, check out the tips below.

  1. Lighten your steps

One of the causes of injuries is the way you step. Avoid striking your feet too hard on the ground. The weight of your body would all be forced on your feet and it would cause major injuries or make existing injuries worse. Practice on a ground where you can hear your steps, the softer the sound your feet make, the better.

  1. Lean forward

The correct leaning position would be using your ankles to lean forward until you could shift your weight with the balls of your feet. The distance of your feet from each other should be about the width of your shoulders. Do not lean too far forward as it would put most of your weight on your knees and would limit your arm movement. Your head should not be leaning forward with your body though because this would strain your neck, shoulders, and back.

  1. Let your arms lead your feet

The faster your arms move, the faster your feet would follow. When moving your arms, let them pump with your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle and pointing outwards. The elbow should be positioned just below your chest but not lower than the waistline. Your arms should be swinging from your shoulders. Although your arms would be leading your pace, do not put too much power on your pumping as it would give you muscle tension and fatigue.

  1. Improve your cadence

Cadence is the rhythm of your feet as it touches the ground. When you train, practice making your steps quicker by reducing the time your feet stay in contact with the ground. There are gadgets that you could use to measure your cadence and check improvements.

  1. Breathe right

The way you inhale and exhale also affects your speed and endurance. Relax your breathing to enable the most amounts of oxygen to enter and the carbon dioxide to exit. If you inhale too fast, you would only be letting oxygen in but not allowing the carbon dioxide to go out. Some runners breathe through their nose and some through their mouth. There are others who also breathe through both. It is up to you which technique is more comfortable for you.

  1. Run uphill and downhill

Uphill works on your hamstrings, glutes and calf muscles. Downhill uses more of your quadriceps. Strengthening those parts of your legs would give you the leverage you need for tougher competitions. There are a lot of different running and training gears to help you improve your running. You can check them out at Outdoor Fit Lab.

It’s hard to imagine washing dishes without using detergents. Be it manually or with by using dishwashers, dishwashing detergents are indispensable to keeping cutleries, pots, pans and even the kitchen counter clean. It’s a modern-day necessity that will never be absent in any household. Well, with the exemption of people who are deliberately living off the grid. Yet some of them do still use detergents, as they understand that the struggle to clean with just water isn’t worth it, although, it must be said that they are likely to be using natural dishwashing detergents. It’s interesting to note that there is an increase in the number of people who are opting to have natural counterparts of traditional cleaning and hygiene products. Shampoos and body soap included. But when is natural not a practical choice?

  1. When you are bent on killing the local insect ecology.

Harsh chemicals have their detrimental effects on the skin, albeit not immediately noticeable. But what these chemicals fail to manifest in human skin, they make up for it by killing off some insects in the yard. And the worst part is that these are probably insects that people want to keep around. The annoying and dangerous ones, mosquitoes, flies, and wasps aren’t bothered with the chemicals in detergents. Bees are indirectly affected because plants react negatively to some chemical additives, making flowers less inviting to pollinate.

  1. When the bigger number on its price tag feels like a rip-off.

Not even manufacturers and distributors of natural cleaning agents and hygiene products are able to deny that their line is more expensive than their synthetic counterpart. This is due to numerous reasons.

Perfectly logical reasons

For one, it’s hard enough to transport naturally-sourced ingredients from miles away. Products that contain chemical active ingredients have the convenience of being concocted on the same location. Another reason why natural products cost more, dishwashing detergent included, is because manufacturers still haven’t streamlined production the same way as manufacturers of synthetic products have. Over time, this is likely to improve.

  1. You just can’t let go of the feel of bubbles.

For people who are using dishwashers, this isn’t a cause for concern at all. But for those who are washing dishes manually, the undeniable weird feeling of not having any bubbles when lathering is unsettling. This is exactly why not a lot of people are shifting to natural shampoos. Who in their right mind would use shampoos that don’t bubble? Well, people who value their hair and overall health, of course. Just like the ridiculous notion that the sting of mouthwash id what makes it effective. Clue: it’s not. Yes, plenty of chemicals are added into products just to provide a mental cue. While it does feel weird initially, in time, and with constantly reminding oneself that bubbles don’t equate to effectiveness, it won’t feel that uncomfortable.

When these scenarios seem utterly ridiculous excuses for not using natural dishwashing detergent, it’s time to go to the Internet and place an order from a reliable site. And by reliable, it means that the product was reviewed and praised highly by other buyers. Find an informative site as well as review sites and check this site out to learn more about the benefits of using natural dishwashing detergents.


For the longest time, using dishwashing detergent has been indispensable when it comes to cleaning dishes and other utensils after use. Sure, water is fine in some cases, but oil is almost impossible to strip off dishes without wasting so much water. This is all thanks to the chemicals added to the dishwashing liquid which bonds with oils and loosens up residues. Interestingly, dishwashing soap manufacturers are coming up with ingenious ideas that can help do away with said strong chemicals yet retain the capability of a dishwashing liquid to do what it’s supposed to do. Still, there’s a good reason as to why not everyone is shifting to natural cleaning agents, particularly dishwashing detergents. Here are some of the most notable reasons why.

  1. Cost

It’s not just about dishwashing detergents and cleaning agents that people are starting to opt for the natural alternative. One thing in common with natural options is the fact that they are typically more costly than ones made up of harsh chemical ingredients. There are numerous reasons for this. And once consumers understand these reasons, it’s easier to see and appreciate why natural cleaning agents and product alternatives have bigger numbers on their price tags. One worth mentioning is the fact that chemicals can be manufactured on-location whereas natural ingredients have to be sourced from different locations. Transport costs are already a significant addition to its final cost.

  1. Less efficient.

In a lot of cases, natural product alternatives are more effective than synthetic options. However, when it comes to a dishwashing detergent, natural isn’t always the one considered to be more effective. When it comes to bonding with oil and removing them from cutlery, chemicals still does the job better as it was designed to do what they’re supposed to do. Nevertheless, natural detergents still do their job well, all without the risk of skin irritations and dryness.

  1. Feels weird

Everyone is already quite familiar with how laundry and dishwashing detergent feels by now. Shifting to natural detergent options will feel a bit awkward at first. But it’s important to note that this unusual feeling is the feeling of not having any harsh chemicals wreaks havoc on the skin. Some chemical additives in different products are simply added for the sake of providing a sense of feedback, a sensation that serves as some sort of cue. A perfect example of this is shampoo and the bubbles it produces while lathering. These bubbles, as some might refuse to believe, are useless. The absence of these bubbles is actually the reason why so many people are hesitant to switch to natural shampoos. And, unfortunately, the same thing goes with switching to natural detergents.

As responsible consumers, however, it’s absolutely important to check the reliability of certain brands before committing to buying their dishwashing detergent. Reading reviews and informative articles such as ones found at Fit House Holds helps significantly in cutting down the number of brands to choose from. Reviews are invaluable in helping buyers transition to natural cleaning products more effectively.

Your success in gardening is not entirely dependent on your plant choice, your gardening tools, and the spot or area where you plan to start your project. You must be mindful of the wider perspective about how right or correct planting is done. With a goal to improve your home’s appearance, you need to carefully determine the right combination of plants that you will grow. Make sure that their total appearance complements your home. If you are not an expert in this field, you can make use of information found online or you can consider seeking the help of experts. Magazines and other reading materials can be an excellent source of idea, too.

While having the plant’s color and actual appearance in mind, another thing that you need to consider is the plant’s lifespan. A little research will, once again, prove very much helpful in this case. Not all plants have the versatility to all season. Choose perennial flowers because they live longer, unless you intend to change your flower garden’s motif every now and then. Common flowering plants, however, are seasonal. So you need to think of different plants apt for different seasons so you can ensure that your garden doesn’t get barren all year round. Like someone who keeps a vegetable garden, you need to be mindful of planting calendar for the continuity of your garden.

The use of appropriate home gardening supplies is essential if you want your project to do well. Finding them is not a daunting prospect anymore because of their availability in both online and offline market. However, with the availability of online stores selling all types of gardening tools and supplies, shopping offline has become a secondary option. With the comfort and convenience one can derive from shopping these supplies online, it’s not unthinkable why most gardeners prefer this method.

Buying these supplies on the web is not different from your online clothes shopping. You also need to be careful. What you need to consider first is the reputation of the seller. Make sure that the merchant is known for producing quality supplies that last. Budget-conscious individuals are encouraged to check and compare the price of supplies offered in different websites.

Reading reviews is also a thing that you can’t easily disregard. That’s a sure-fire way to get to know more about the product, like a lawn mower, for instance. In fact, you can click here for more information on some of the best lawn mowers you can get your hands on these days. Your discernment will really prove essential because not all reviews are objective in nature. Some of them are written just to generate more sales, so you must develop the skill to know which one is fair, and which one is not. Product ratings are also very much essential. Always look for those five-starred products because they will be able to meet your expectations in terms of quality most of the time.

Living in a quaint house is never an option if you know how to revitalize your home’s appearance.

Flower gardens and landscapes will always put more character and personality to your house. So it is important that you really take time to decorate and plan on your garden. Choose the right plant, pick the right home gardening supplies, and indulge in the noble activity of making your house look good again.


You can never do away with an iron, not even if most of your clothes are made of wrinkle-proof fabrics. To this day, an iron remains an integral household appliance. However, in one with the passing of time, more people are now using steam irons, since apparently; these are more effective in removing creases on clothes and other heavy fabrics (quilts, bed sheets, comforters, etc.). Still, the fact remains that steam irons are a tad difficult to keep clean. That is especially true since steam irons have built-in water repositories, which could accumulate dirt over time.

Using tap water for your steam iron could lead to mineralization, and in time, you’d have a hard time producing the right amount of steam needed to iron clothes. Aside from that, starch and other deposits could clog the steam pores of the iron; thus, the sole plate would be rendered useless since you won’t be able to glide it effortlessly on the fabric. All these underscore the need to keep your steam iron clean.

You can visit Smooth Wares, which is a wonderful resource for anything about steam irons. They have reviews of some of the best steam iron brands, as well as helpful articles about steam irons. You can read one of the articles to see how you can properly take care of your steam iron, but just the same, here are a few helpful cleaning tips you can keep in mind.

  1. Use several house items to clean your steam iron – an old towel, salt, some wax paper, old newspaper, a cookie stand, an old toothbrush, and some white wine vinegar.
  1. Clean the mineral or various build-ups from the inside of the iron out. Doing this would let the deposits out of the steam pores, thereby making the underside of the iron dirty. Hence, you need to save the clean-up of the underside for last.
  1. Start cleaning the iron by positioning the towel over any surface that’s heat-proof. Place the cookie stand on top of it. Fill the iron’s water tank with vinegar before placing it on the stand, with the bottom part facing down.
  1. Set the temperature of the iron to high, allowing time for the vinegar to evaporate.
  1. Once all the vinegar’s evaporated, fill the reservoir with tap water, allowing it evaporate just like the vinegar. This would rid the inside of the water tank of the vinegar and mineral deposits.
  1. Allow the iron to cool before turning it upside down. You’ll see the bottom part now marred by the mineral deposits you flushed out. Using the old toothbrush, brush away all traces of the minerals, even going so far as to brush through the steam pores.
  1. Next, remove the cookie stand from the towel and replace with several sheets of newspaper. Sprinkle 1/4 cup of salt onto the newspaper. Rub the underside of the iron over the salt until all mineral residues are gone. Make sure the iron has cooled off before doing this. Wipe the bottom of the iron with a clean wash cloth afterward. Discard of the newspaper and salt.
  1. Plug in the steam iron to heat it up. Cut about 18 inches of wax paper and place it on the towel. When the iron is warm enough, glide it over the wax paper a few times to give the metal plate a smooth finish.

Try these simple tips to keep your steam iron clean and functioning well all the time.


Autumn has come. It means that each passing days will be much colder than the rest until the winter ends. In this time of the year, most people love to warm themselves with thick clothing, drink hot soups and soak in a warm shower. However, do you know that taking a cold shower offers benefits to your body?


Helps to Increase Alertness


There are occasions when you feel tired and just want to go back to sleep even after waking up. The best cure for your laziness, especially in the morning is to pour down cold water in your body. You might find this horrifying considering the chilly autumn breeze. However, it works well in increasing your body’s alertness. When you take a cold shower, your body immediately tries to adjust the sudden change of temperature. Hence, your body will increase its oxygen intake to produce warmth. In addition, your heartbeat will speed up causing your blood to rush in different parts of the body. With this, you can have the energy you need to face the day despite the cold. Loses Weight Do you want a fast and easy method of losing weight?


Taking cold showers can help you to reduce fat.


The body has two kinds of fat tissues; the white and brown fats. White fat tissues accumulate if you consume calories more than your body requires. Thus, if not used, white fats only builds up especially around your waist, back, neck, arms, and thighs. By taking cold showers, your body will force itself to warm through the heat generated by the brown fat tissues. According to studies, if the brown fat is activated and exposed to cold such as showering with cold water, the number of white fat tissues in your body will reduce leading to weight loss.


Improves Blood Circulation


Cold shower enhances proper blood circulation to help the vital organs perform its function better. The cold temperature will drive the heart to pump more blood to produce heat. As it pumps faster, it makes blood circulation easier. Moreover, this process can also improve your immune system which means showering with cold water supports in protecting yourself from diseases.


Eases Soreness, Stress, and Depression


Muscles get tense every after too much physical exertion. If not treated, it can lead to cramps and will affect your work. It is one of the reasons why athletes only take cold showers or ice baths every after games. Cold water can help to ease the tension of bunched up muscles and releases soreness. On the other hand, cold showers can deflect stress and depression. If you pour cold water in your body, the low temperature will overwhelm your skin’s cold receptors. This will send a message to the brain through electrical impulses. As a response, the brain is going to produce an anti-depressive effect which essential in enhancing mood and concentration.


Gain more benefits with a cold shower by using shower systems with high volume and water pressure. Get the best shower system for a better health here at https://walkinshowers.org/best-shower-systems-buying-guide.html.


Protein is very important for your body system to survive. Your blood, bones, muscles, nails, hairs, as well as brain cells, rely much on this since its primary role is to maintain, build and repair tissues. The amino acids found in protein works as the body’s building blocks.

Truth is; your body stores protein but does not produce all the amino acids it requires. Hence, it’s for you to supply the lacking amino acids through your diet. The good news is; protein is abundant in many food sources. They can be found in plants and meats.

If you want a complete source of protein, you need to include meat in your diet. This is a complete source of protein with all the essential amino acids that plant protein can’t provide. Among these are chicken, steak, eggs, fish, and milk. Plants, on the other hand, are incomplete protein sources. Hence, they don’t have enough amino acids that are found in meat. But if you only have plans as the source of your body’s amino acid requirement, might as well eat varieties of these including beans, nuts, and vegetables.

On the other hand, there are protein sources that are more harmful than useful. Examples of these are those rich in saturated fats, processed meats, and fried meats.

Have you ever wondered why proteins are often used to lose weight? Well, because they keep you feeling full for long hours, reducing your carb cravings. With less carbohydrate intake, you will burn excess fats to meet your body’s energy needs and therefore lose weight. Instead of adding more fats to your body, it will add more muscles instead. There will also be boost in your metabolism, while protein suppresses your appetite. Hence, a leaner body will be achieved.

However, you need not take in a lot of protein to get the desired body that you want, taking more than you need will never be better. You only need enough of it that will sustain your protein needs according to your age, size and lifestyle. Remember that too much of this nutrient can be harmful to your liver and kidneys. Hence, it won’t result to additional benefits. If you need protein for strength training, you just need to increase your intake of it to 0.54 to 0.77 grams per pound of your weight daily.

For endurance training, you need to increase your intake of protein to 0.59 to 0.82 grams per pound of weight daily. If you are more than 65 years old, extra protein will help to maintain and improve your muscle mass, function and strength. Hence, you will need .68 grams of protein per pound of your weight per day.

You can also consume products that are rich in protein like the EAS protein powder. Here’s a detailed review of EAS protein powder that you can read to know more about these products and know how they can help you reach your fitness goals.


Have you ever heard of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? If you work long hours in front of a computer, there is a high chance that you would develop this kind of syndrome, especially if you are using a poorly designed computer desk. What is a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? According to American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where your arm and your hand will feel pain, tingling sensation, and numbness, especially at the index, middle, and ring finger.

This syndrome usually occurs when your hand’s major nerve – the median nerve- is compressed or squeezed. The carpal tunnel syndrome may worsen over time if left untreated. It could lead to nerve damage and worst permanent hand paralysis. What are the symptoms of the syndrome? If you are suffering from two or more of the following symptoms, you need to consult a physician for fast treatment and recovery:

  • Persistent numbness, tingling sensation, and pain in the wrist area that radiates to the middle, index, and ring fingers.
  • Persistent pain that runs from the hand, up to the arms.
  • You feel your fingers are swollen.
  • Reduced strength when gripping something.
  • May recur even during sleep and the entire night. So, how did the computer desk get involved in forming the syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common problem of office workers who work long hours in front of the computer, like the IT. In fact, according to CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) 2010 report, 3.1 percent adult employees who are working more than seven hours typing, had suffered such condition. According to the experts, the level of the desk is one of the culprits of the syndrome. If the computer desk is highly associated with repetitive action, may cause muscle and nerve strain; additionally, even by simply using the mouse for hours with a wrong choice of desk, may cause repetitive strain injury that would eventually lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. How to prevent CTS? While it is important to have “microbreaks” (approximately 3 minutes) to reduce strain and relieve discomfort, below are the top 2 ways to prevent CTS.

  1. Right Office Furniture

An office or computer desk and chairs that are not ergonomically designed can cause muscle and nerve strain, leading to more serious health problems, which is why, if you are going to pick a home office computer desk with wider capacity (approximately 2 person desk), choose those with adjustable height.

  1. Practice Good Posture

Typing all day can be strenuous, which is why it is essential to practice a good posture. All you need to do is sit straight with your spine is against the back of the chair and make sure to relax your shoulders. Also, do not forget to rest your elbows alongside with your body, with your wrist relaxed and straight.


Working more than seven hours per day typing and scrolling the net or system can cause repetitive strain injury that could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are currently suffering from it, it would be efficient if you would use the right furniture like those best computer desk at Computerdeskz’s website.

Did you know that there are serious implications to mold exposure? For instance, if you own several apartment units and are hoping to rent these out to potential tenants, you are responsible for ensuring proper living conditions for the tenants. That includes checking the units for mold contamination and getting rid of molds at the first sign. If a tenant gets sick due to mold exposure, something which the landlord failed to address properly, then the tenant can sue the landlord. The same goes for a home seller and a buyer, as well as an employer and an employee. Legal actions may be taken if anyone is found guilty of neglect, and that could be ugly.

If you check out https://cleanwaterpartners.org you’ll see the various legal implications of mold contamination. It also gives proven tips on how to get rid of molds in the house and explains the differences between various types of molds.

Now if you have molds in your home, you’ve probably tried using bleach to get rid of such. After all, the common household bleach is mainly used for cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing because of its strong bactericidal properties. However, as touched in the abovementioned website, the use of bleach in killing molds is subject to many questions because it is not a biocide approved by the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA.

Here are some of the reasons why mold remediation bleach is not recommended as a fungicide:

  • There is no doubt that bleach is effective against bacteria and viruses, but there is no absolute proof that it is effective against mold spores. Remember, the main objective of mold remediation is to kill the mold at its “roots”, or “hyphae”. Failure to kill the hyphae, as well as the spores, will only cause these toxigenic fungi to grow back after a few days.
  • Another reason why mold remediation bleach is not recommended as a fungicide is because it evaporates rapidly. The strong fume of bleach can greatly affect the air quality inside the house. This, in turn, can cause potential lung problems to the members of the family especially babies and small children, seniors, and immunocompromised individuals.
  • Mold remediation bleach is a water-based solution that is actually made up of 99 percentwater. Moisture, which is the main ingredient for mold growth, is simply water diffused as a vapor. If the water component of bleach penetrates the surface, then it will give moisture to the mold roots. If not dried properly, this can further release mold spores into the air; thus, aggravating the problem.
  • The use of chlorine bleach is opposed by some environmentalists because of its negative effects on the environment, especially when mixed with other chemicals. When mixed with acids, for example, it reacts to form chlorine gas; when mixed with ammonia, it reacts to form chloramines gas. Both these by-products are toxic to the atmosphere and the air we breathe.

The use of mold remediation bleach as a fungicide still needs further studies. There are opposing views and opinions on the use of bleach. So for now, it’s probably better to use a product that is specifically formulated to kill molds effectively and permanently.


Your dog, or dogs, can be your healer when it comes to stress and some other illnesses since the unconditional love they give you makes you recover faster than normal. For you to show them that you appreciate and love their company, you would need to take care of their health, too. Here are some things you can do aside from just taking your dog to the vet.


Nutritious Food


Dogs can acquire various disorders because of the food they are given. Giving them leftovers and randomly chosen food is the same as stuffing yourself with junk food. When you feed your dog, keep in mind that you are giving food to someone who is part of the family. Choose the best-quality foods you can afford and always check the packaging for the nutrients included in the food. Do not ignore the instructions regarding the amount of food you give them as this would affect their growth and development as well. Do not overfeed your dog, though. Some breeds of dogs are prone to obesity and heart problems; thus, you have to carefully choose and measure what you give them. Clean and fresh water is also important. So, give your dog free access to a water supply or fill up its bowl constantly.




Just like humans, dogs need regular exercise, too. Together with the proper diet and nutrition, your dog would live a healthier and longer life when you let it have ample exercise daily. You can take your dog for walks around the neighborhood or at the park every day. Not only would it be beneficial for your dog’s health, it would also be a good work out for you. If there are times that you cannot find time to walk your dog because of your busy work schedule, make sure to provide it some freedom to run around your backyard when it wants to. Build a dog-proof fence around your yard so it won’t go too far away and bother the neighbors or even run to the streets.


Clean Shelter


One of the basics of keeping your dog healthy is the cleanliness and hygiene of the place where it’s staying. If your dog stays outside the house, be sure to provide it with a dog house where it can stay comfortable and warm regardless of the weather. Choose a cozy bed for it for sleep on and some pet-friendly toys for it to play with (these are some of the best dog beds you can choose from). Do not delay cleaning the dog house and its surroundings as pests and worms can be acquired from the dirty living environment.




Dogs are known to be loyal to their owners. Also, they give out the purest and most unconditional love you could ever have. In return, you should also treat them with respect and show as much love and compassion as they give you. Your dog’s health can be affected by how much attention and time you give it.

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