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Gestational diabetes is first identified when a woman is expectant, and it is the least common form of diabetes. Low blood pressure characterizes this condition. Though this type of diabetes has mild symptoms, it can cause complications for both the baby and the mother. The symptoms of gestational diabetes fade after pregnancy but they still increase the risk of developing diabetes type 2 afterward. Kids born to a mother who had gestational diabetes without treatment are much more prone to experience obesity in their childhood.

Just like other types of diabetes, gestational diabetes cannot be effectively treated with medicines alone. Below are some home remedies that could help manage your blood sugar.

Exercising regularly

It is prudent to have at least two hours of moderate workout in a week. You can do this by being active for 30 minutes in a day for at least five days in a week. If you never exercised before, this could be the right time to start. Exercising is a better way to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and unnecessary weight gain. Keeping yourself active can help to prevent the symptoms of gestational diabetes.

Eat foods high in fiber

Consuming foods high in fiber is essential for everyone, but it is a great recommendation for people who have diabetes. Fiber helps to fuel the insulin receptors and stop the release of insulin in the blood. They also contribute to maintaining the balance of insulin levels and treat diabetes. Food rich in fiber includes whole grains.

Add karela to your diet

It is also identified as bitter gourd. It is considered an effective remedy for gestational diabetes, and it is a source of micronutrients. It contains anti-diabetic properties which help to prevent the problems linked to diabetes. Karela, plant insulin, is helpful in lowering your blood sugar levels. If you are expectant, consider consuming this vegetable so as to reduce the insulin levels naturally.

Drink green tea

Although caffeinated drink is not recommendable during pregnancy, green tea is an exception. Moderate drinking of green tea can be useful for the health of the baby and the mother. Green tea helps manage the rise in blood sugar.

Consume garlic

Consuming garlic is one of the natural ways of treating gestational diabetes. The herb assists in controlling the blood sugar levels and blood circulation in the body. The best way to use this effective remedy is by including fresh gloves of garlic in your cooking.

Plan your diet

Irregular eating is among the causes of diabetes. Improper diet can cause nutritional deficiencies which may result in increased blood sugar levels. Having a diary of your diet and regular eating can help to treat diabetes. Daily intake of food keeps the body in constant supply of nutrients.

Final word

Sugar has been noted as the leading cause of diabetes. If you have gestational diabetes, avoid sugary foods. Instead, replace them with a sugar-free diet. The best way to treat diabetes is making healthy lifestyle choices and following them.

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