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Tips to Run Better

Running is a great all-around exercise. It keeps you fit and boosts your health. Running is also a good way to de-stress from the pressures of everyday life. For some, running is a sport that they need to train for. Joining running competitions or races has its own benefits. However, training could be demanding. There are different techniques you need to learn and the everyday workout is not a joke. If you are trying to look for ways to be a better runner, check out the tips below.

  1. Lighten your steps

One of the causes of injuries is the way you step. Avoid striking your feet too hard on the ground. The weight of your body would all be forced on your feet and it would cause major injuries or make existing injuries worse. Practice on a ground where you can hear your steps, the softer the sound your feet make, the better.

  1. Lean forward

The correct leaning position would be using your ankles to lean forward until you could shift your weight with the balls of your feet. The distance of your feet from each other should be about the width of your shoulders. Do not lean too far forward as it would put most of your weight on your knees and would limit your arm movement. Your head should not be leaning forward with your body though because this would strain your neck, shoulders, and back.

  1. Let your arms lead your feet

The faster your arms move, the faster your feet would follow. When moving your arms, let them pump with your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle and pointing outwards. The elbow should be positioned just below your chest but not lower than the waistline. Your arms should be swinging from your shoulders. Although your arms would be leading your pace, do not put too much power on your pumping as it would give you muscle tension and fatigue.

  1. Improve your cadence

Cadence is the rhythm of your feet as it touches the ground. When you train, practice making your steps quicker by reducing the time your feet stay in contact with the ground. There are gadgets that you could use to measure your cadence and check improvements.

  1. Breathe right

The way you inhale and exhale also affects your speed and endurance. Relax your breathing to enable the most amounts of oxygen to enter and the carbon dioxide to exit. If you inhale too fast, you would only be letting oxygen in but not allowing the carbon dioxide to go out. Some runners breathe through their nose and some through their mouth. There are others who also breathe through both. It is up to you which technique is more comfortable for you.

  1. Run uphill and downhill

Uphill works on your hamstrings, glutes and calf muscles. Downhill uses more of your quadriceps. Strengthening those parts of your legs would give you the leverage you need for tougher competitions. There are a lot of different running and training gears to help you improve your running. You can check them out at Outdoor Fit Lab.

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