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Winter Survival Tips to Save Your Life


Who doesn’t love winter? With a long break from school or work, it’s that time of the year to reconnect with family and old-time friends, relax, unwind, and just simply relish the holidays. However, the good times also come with challenges that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

For one thing, you never know when the falling snow could give way to a raging snowstorm. You need to be prepared, alert, and ready to hurdle whatever winter throws at you and survive. Here are some tips:

Dress appropriately

The biggest mistake is not knowing how to dress in layers. Don’t bundle up too much because you’ll sweat faster and lose more body heat. Your base layer must be made from athletic wicking material, followed by wool for insulation, and finally, a wweatherproofmaterial that is also breathable. By doing this, you can easily remove or put in layers as needed.

Keep yourself dry and warm at all times

One way to do this is to always bring extra pairs of gloves while traveling on foot or skiing. You will never know when you might fall over and wet the ones you’re wearing and you don’t have time to get them dry given the freezing temperature. Have at least two extra pairs with you so you can still work continuously while allowing a pair to dry out.

Bring matches and lighter and secure it inside a waterproof container.

A fire starter is also a great alternative because it lasts a long, long time and has no trouble working even when it gets wet. Fire starting methods that are primitive in nature must be your last resort because it takes practice and consumes a lot of time doing (not very helpful when you’re freezing cold outdoors). Of course, don’t forget your fire tinder.

If you’re staying home, make sure you have a portable generator handy for when storm surges cut power lines off.

You can see here a few examples of handy generators with the best features that you can purchase for use at home or wherever you’re headed to this winter.


This is one of the most important winter survival tips to take note of. Take your shelter with you. Remember, you can’t afford to waste valuable time and effort when you’re out in the cold. Snow caves are time-consuming, so you’re better off with a Mylar blanket.

When you get stranded inside your Vehicle

Don’t panic because that can kill you faster than the freezing cold. If you have prepared well ahead of time then there’s no cause for you to worry. Make sure you have extra clothing, food, candles’ and blankets with you. Above all, somebody has to know where you’re going and the track you’re using. With sufficient food and supplies, waiting it out will not be as difficult. Keep warm, no matter what happens; break up your car’s cushion material if you have to because it can save your life.

Finally, choose the right time to travel safely. These winter survival tips won’t be of any use to you if you consciously choose to go out on a blizzard. Be safe and smart while having fun.


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